Three Goldsmiths On Site

Rutledge Jewellers has 3 Goldsmiths on site to accommodate any and all needs of the customers. This includes having a Master Goldsmith and a Diamond Setter, Gemologists & Diamond Graders, who are all able to hand fabricate your delicate pieces.

What Services Do Your Goldsmiths Handle?

  • Jewellery Repair – fixing your broken jewellery including: Sterling Silver & Costume Jewellery.
  • Custom Designscontact our staff here  to set up a consultation!
  • Engraving – custom engraving on many materials including glass & wood etching.
  • Engagement Ring Sizing/Resizing – ensure that special ring fits perfectly.
  • On Site/Same Day Sizing – while you wait we can resize one of your existing pieces or size your new purchase so you leave the store with a perfect fit.
  • Rush Services While You Wait – with 3 goldsmiths on site this also means accommodating rushed pieces and getting them completed while you wait!

Laser Repairs

Rutledge Jewellers has the ability to complete laser repairs which are important for jewellery that contain heat sensitive stones, such as the majority of gemstones. Diamonds are mainly the only type of stone that can withstand other repair methods. This ensures that we are capable to handle any repair or customization needed to any piece!