Do you have a piece of jewellery you no longer wear or want? Did you inherit a pile of jewellery that is just not to your taste? Did you know you can make money from your unwanted jewellery and timepieces?

Bring your old or out-of-date jewellery into Rutledge Jewellers where you can sell it through our Vintage Jewellery Program.


Selling your vintage pieces through Rutledge Jewellers is an easy four step process:

  1. First, we inspect the piece to ensure it is in good condition for re-sale.
  2. Then we clean and polish the piece and, in some cases, make minor repairs if necessary.
  3. Next, based on an evaluation, we decide upon a suitable retail value for your piece. 
  4. Once approved, your piece is posted for sale on our website and is available in our store.