Mined at the Ekati mine located in the North West Territories, Maple Leaf diamonds are among the highest quality diamonds found anywhere in the world. Their quality and exquisiteness make Maple Leaf Diamonds the perfect symbol of the purity of true love. That’s why they are the perfect choice for an engagement ring, an anniversary band, or a gift for a loved one.

Each Maple Leaf Diamond is engraved with a tracking number, Maple Leaf insignia, and a CanadaMark symbol. With the tracking number, you can discover your diamond’s unique journey from rough crystal to finished masterpiece and the Maple Leaf insignia certifies your diamond’s Canadian origins (you also get a certificate of origin). The CanadaMark symbol is an origin hallmark issued by BHP Billiton, that lets you know that your diamond has met the highest quality standards of colour, clarity, symmetry, and finish. Each diamond with a CanadaMark symbol is guaranteed to have never been treated by a laser or any high pressure. Most importantly, the CanadaMark symbol certifies that your diamond was responsibly mined with respect for the sustainability of the environment and the native people. Each mark on your diamond ensures its Canadian authenticity.

Every step along the way, Maple Leaf Diamonds wants you to have peace of mind concerning the origins and quality of your diamond and that is why Rutledge Jewellers is proud to sell Maple Leaf Diamonds in our store.

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