Spring Cleaning Events (March 1-31, 2021)

The start of March marks the beginning of Spring, and we are ready to celebrate with two exciting events!

Gold & Diamond Trade Up Event

From now until March 31st, take part in our Gold & Diamond Trade-Up event. It’s the perfect way to spring clean your jewellery collection! Bring your unwanted jewellery to the store and trade to upgrade, size up your diamonds or use your old pieces to create a beautiful custom piece. Recycling your gold and diamonds is an environmentally friendly way to upgrade to something new.

Free Ring Cleaning

Speaking of spring cleaning, we're excited to announce that our Free Ring Cleaning event is returning for the month of March as well! This customer favourite is usually part of our Annual January Specials, but due to lockdown restrictions it was postponed until now. 

Why is it important to get your rings cleaned you ask? At Rutledge Jewellers, we recommend annual cleaning to keep your rings looking like new! Dirt and debris can build up with daily wear, causing increased wear and tear on your rings. Don’t wait until problems arise, have your ring inspected to identify any problem areas before they lead to further damage!

Be sure to visit us in-store from now until March 31st to take advantage of these great spring cleaning events. Questions? Give us a call at 905-852-7846 today!