At Rutledge, we pride ourselves on finding quality products and we know that Citizen watches reflect true craftsmanship. Since having its name on a pocket watch in 1924, citizen has become a trusted name to citizens the world over and is now the largest producer of watches in the world. Their motto, “The Fusion of Technology and Beauty,” defines their drive to create beautiful timepieces and to push the boundaries of timepiece technology.

In the design of their watches, Citizen takes an artisanal approach, with a thought to purpose as well as beauty. Both Men’s and Women’s watches are designed to be comfortable, readable, and functional. From fashionable to sport, Citizen has a watch for every type of lifestyle. With excellence and creativity, the crafters at Citizen design and build watches that are both beautiful and reliable.

Not only beautifully designed, Citizen watches are some of the most technologically advanced in the world. The Citizen brand has a long list of firsts in the world of watchmaking; they were the first in the industry to create a voice recognition watch and the first to design a professional dive watch with an electronic depth sensor. Moreover, Citizen has just released the world’s slimmest LCD watch. Citizen’s greatest technological advancement is Eco-Drive, a technology that allows watches to work without batteries. By constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation, Citizen has made Citizen watches synonymous with technological breakthroughs.

Rutledge Jewellers is proud to sell Citizen watches, and we would be thrilled to help you find the perfect watch.

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Generate power from any light source to keep watches running.

Powered by light, Eco-Drive watches will never need a battery replacement. Any light, whether natural or artificial, generates the electrical power to maintain the timepiece. At Citizen, there is a belief that every citizen has a responsibility to cultivate positive change, and the Eco-Drive technology does just that. Not only is light-powered technology more eco-friendly, but it is also more accessible. Watch batteries are not always available in remote areas, but Eco-Drive eliminates the need for batteries and allows more citizens to own and wear a watch. As Citizen says, “Better Starts Now”.