My father-in-law (who has now passed on) worked at the Royal York Hotel for over 30 years. He gave my mother-in-law (who has also passed) a Royal York Charm for her bracelet. As a child our daughter always loved this charm and now as an adult she has a special connection to the hotel. Her husband proposed to her in the lobby of the hotel 4 years ago. On her wedding day, three years ago, as a tribute to her grandparents, she borrowed the charm and pinned it to her bouquet. Her grandmother passed away 6 weeks before her wedding day. Last year for her 25th birthday I took the charm to Rutledge Jewellers and had it made into a pendant necklace. Needless to say our daughter was thrilled and it will be a forever keepsake for her to remember her grandparents.
— Susan P.

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