Thinking of popping the question?

There’s a lot to think about when planning to ask someone to marry you. Will she say yes? When and how should I propose? Will her parents give me their blessing?How much should I spend on the ring? And the list goes on, and on. At Rutledge Jewellers, we’re here to help make the process a bit easier so that you can enjoy the moment and avoid the stress. We’ve put together a list to help you answer one of your burning pre-engagement questions…how do I know what size ring to buy without her knowing?

How do I know what ring size to buy?

1. Ask a friend or family member. This may be your best bet for figuring out her ring size while keeping the whole thing a suprise from your fiance-to-be, as those closest to her may have purchased a ring for her in the past, or have witnessed her trying on rings before. 2. Enlist a friend to go engagement ring shopping with her ‘just for fun’. This works especially well if the friend pulling this off is not yet engaged herself. Bonus points if the friend can gain insight into the engagement ring style, diamond shape and metal that your loved one likes best. 3. Use a ring sizer chart to measure the inside of a ring she currently owns. 4. Ask her to try on a ring that you are buying (or pretending to buy) for a family member as a birthday present, or Christmas gift. 5. Secretly borrow one of her rings when she won’t notice it is missing and bring it to Rutledge Jewellers to determine its size. This one can be tricky, so be sure to be stealth about it. Try to borrow a ring that is worn on a similar finger so that it is closest to the size of her ring finger. 6. Compare your finger size to hers. Though this isn’t an exact science, you might be able to get a relatively close reading. Try on one of her rings yourself when she’s not looking, and draw a line on your finger of where the ring sits. We can then measure the size of where the line sits on your finger. 7. Last but not least, just ask her! If you’re worried about killing the magic by ruining the element of surprise, don’t fret, there are plenty of other ways you can make things exciting – timing, proposal location, the ring itself, and so on. If you have been talking about marriage for quite some time, requesting her ring finger size shouldn’t really come as a shock to her anyways.

In the end, don’t get too hung up on the exact size of the ring. If you don’t get the size right the first time, you can always bring it back to Rutledge Jewellers after she says ‘yes’ and have us fit it perfectly to her finger.

Want to learn more about engagement rings before you pop the question?

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