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Thomas Sabo Jewellery is internationally recognized for having its pulse on the latest trends. It’s high quality materials paired with its bold and edgy looks have made jewellery by Thomas Sabo loved the world over. Whether your look is classic, Rock ‘n’ Roll, extravagant, romantic, or bohemian, there is a Thomas Sabo piece for you.

Founded in 1984 by visionary Thomas Sabo, by 1990 Thomas Sabo jewellery was one of the most successful brands in the german speaking world. It’s sterling silver collection quickly made Thomas Sabo a household name as it expanded throughout Europe and around the world. Bringing on Creative Director Susanne Kölbli has driven Thomas Sabo jewellery to cult status. Their mission to create products that thrill and fascinate their customers has earned them a loyal following. From women’s rings to men’s bracelets, the Thomas Sabo collection is sure to entice.

The expressive designs, attention to detail, and iconic designs have won appeal internationally and here in Canada. Rutledge Jewellers is proud to sell Thomas Sabo bracelets, rings, necklaces, and accessories in Uxbridge. Bringing global fashion trends to small-town Ontario is what Rutledge Jewellers is all about. Come in store today to see the Thomas Sabo Collection.

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