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fingerprint jewellery

Fingerprint Jewelry by First Impressions allows you to keep those who matter most close to you at all times. Create a stunning piece of jewellery imprinted with your loved one’s unique fingerprint. Each piece is a perfect reminder of the touch of someone you love. Whether worn by a new parent, a spouse of a soldier overseas, or a family member of a person battling illness, Fingerprint Jewelry allows you to wear the impression of the person who makes the deepest imprint on your heart.

First Impressions began as a home business by a first generation goldsmith. Upon finishing art school, he was asked how he could be successful. He answered that if he could make jewellery that matters to people than he would consider himself successful. Fingerprint jewellery has had an impact; it lets people keep a reminder of those they love with them at all times. When success is defined as impacting others positively, it makes a difference and one tiny idea created a wonderful business.

Create an exquisite piece of jewellery that is truly one-of-a-kind. Stop into Rutledge Jewellers today to learn about Fingerprint Jewelry.

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