Rarely have I ever bought a piece of jewelry ‘off the shelf’ and Rutledge Jewellers has helped me create some truly unique pieces, that are incredibly personal to me, with history, sentiment and meaning. Their personal and creative approach, with incredible attention to detail, enabled me to re-use my grandmother’s engagement ring and re-make it into something more suited to my style. In-house design consultancy services helped me create a ring from three diamond stud earrings and a pearl ring left to my by my godmother, preserving my memories and realizing my vision, whilst giving new life to vintage items that might otherwise not have an obvious use. Together, we have collaborated to create rings, earrings and necklaces from vintage items, single stones and imagination, and restored other items that had languished in boxes for years, for want of a stone replacement or movement repair.

I highly recommend their design and restoration services, either to create a new piece that is more suitable to your style, or to breathe new life into a piece that hasn’t been used for years, or is ignored because it looks too dated or beyond rescue. Try them out, fuel your creativity, and create a memory to last a lifetime.

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